Trust Plus Maintenance

We are committed to the success of your estate plan. We create and maintain the estate plan to accomplish your estate planning goals

We are committed to providing our Clients with estate plans that will work during all the phases of their lives and possibly their children's lives. To ensure that this will happen, we have established systems to keep the estate plans as current as possible and to be flexible enough to change with changes in goals, families, tax code changes, estate planning law changes and other changes.

Over 75% of estate plans that are created will fail due to the lack of proper updating and maintenance. Why invest the time and money to prepare an estate plan and then not keep it current? It is stated that the average estate plan is updated or looked at every 19.6 years. Have any significant changes in your life or the life of a loved one in the last 19.6 years? If an individual does not care enough to keep their plans updated, they are not a good fit as a client of our firm. If we care more about the success of their plan than they do, the estate plan will fail. We do not want to participate in a plan that is destined not to accomplish our Clients estate planning goals. This is what our Trust Plus Maintenance Program is designed to accomplish. A complimentary annual review is offered to determine if any changes have occurred (either legal or family) to frustrate your estate plan.

STEP 1: Work With A Counseling Oriented Estate Planning Attorney

How can you design an effective estate plan if you are not aware of what you do not know? You must work with an experienced estate planning attorney that can discuss in depth your unique family, your estate planning goals, aspirations and desires and then use that information to create a customized plan for you and your loved ones.

This allows you to design your plan. You do not receive a boiler-plate plan completed by an attorney after you have answered a few short questions.

STEP 2: Participate In A Formal Estate Planning Updating Process

Maintain your plan throughout your life. In order for your plan to work, your assets must be properly titled; it does not matter what your estate plan says. If the title to your assets is not legally correct, your estate plan will fail.

To help insure the success of your plan, we walk with you in the retitling of your assets. Many "estate planning attorneys" give you a letter and tell you what to do. Rarely is this done successfully. Rather, we follow through to make sure the title to your assets is properly done. We do not charge extra for this service. It is done to help ensure your estate plan will do what you want it to, when you want it to.