Business Succession

in Bingham Farms & Sterling Heights, MI & All of Oakland County, MI

We assist our Clients in properly creating their business structure to meet their goals and needs and how to exit their businesses. Our Clients can exit their businesses by selling it to a related or an unrelated party or they can gift the business to a related or an unrelated party.

We sit with our Clients and walk them through the process and the time table for their exit. We address the pros and the cons of the different strategies. We work with their other advisers to be certain the exit strategy is best for the Client be it voluntarily or involuntarily via disability or death.

This can be a stressful time for a business owner and we help them with the transition. We also assist our Clients in transitioning out of their businesses. Contact us today for business succession services and more in Bingham Farms & Sterling Heights, MI.