Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the following Questions

  • Does your plan avoid probate?
  • Does your plan fulfill your estate planning goals?
  • Does your plan address any potential estate tax?
  • Does your plan protect your assets from a remarriage of a spouse?
  • Does your plan protect your inheritance for a divorcing child?
  • Does your plan integrate your retirement funds?
  • Have you reviewed your estate plan in the last year?

If you answered "No" to any of the above, you should schedule a complimentary initial consultation or review of your existing estate plan to learn about how to change all the answers to "Yes". If you work with a Financial Advisor, feel free to invite them.

Does your plan avoid the top ten mistakes in estate planning:

  • Failure to Identify Goals, Aspirations and Desires;
  • Failure to realize that a will guarantees probate;
  • Failure to do own estate plan (i.e. will or trust);
  • Failure to choose the correct fiduciary;
  • Failure to properly title assets;
  • Failure to protect from creditors/predators;
  • Failure to plan for your own disability;
  • Failure to plan for Wealth Reception;
  • Failure to plan for personal property; and
  • Failure to maintain or update.