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Reviews from our clients

Mr. Hamilton has been our estate attorney since 2013. During that time he has given us the peace of mind regarding our estate and all our legal affairs.

We would highly recommend Mr. Hamilton and his assistant Amanda.

Julia (Avvo review)

Mr. Greg Hamilton is an excellent and exceptional Trust Law Attorney. He is professional, knowledgeable, talented, compassionate and has the ability to communicate on a layman's level. He never rushed us or avoided topics. He has the ability to take complicated legal verbiage and explain to them so that the average person can fully understand what is written.

My wife and I hired Mr. Hamilton to put together 2 Living Trusts, one for my wife and I, back in 2014. They were completed as promised and he and staff took the time to walk us through each section and answer all of our questions while including all of our discussion items from our initial meeting.
Since that time he has revised and updated the Living Trusts, has converted two into one when my wife passed away earlier this year in 2018. Help set up new trustees and put me in a position that I do not need to worry about anything regarding our estate. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a first-class Estate Law Attorney

Gene (Avvo review)

I have known Greg for over 30 years. He has advised me on a number of issues, but most significantly my estate planning. He has a very holistic approach to handling his clients' estate planning issues, but most important to him was what I wanted. His knowledge of estate planning is complete, thoughtful and forward-looking. He shares with you various options you have to handle an issue and then explains the potential ramification of each option. In addition to being an excellent attorney he is a family man, a person of faith and has a superb sense of humor which makes working with him fun! Regarding his fees, I have always found them to be very reasonable and relative to the work product he produces an excellent value. If you are seeking a person of integrity, kindness and unparalleled knowledge in estate planning I would urge you to contact Greg.-

Mark (Avvo review)