Effective Planning

What is Effective Planning?

Effective Planning is more than simply creating a will or a trust or any other estate planning documents. It is a process that continues throughout your lifetime and after you die to ensure that your estate planning goals are achieved. We accomplish effective planning by:

  • Avoiding unintended disinheritance of a surviving spouse, surviving children or other beneficiaries;
  • Using the estate tax exemption to maximize protection from unnecessary tax burdens and offer asset protection to a surviving spouse and/or loved ones;
  • Protecting your loved ones and your hard earned property in ways that traditional planning does not, which often compromises the estate plan goals after a disability or death, when it cannot be corrected;
  • Using advanced planning techniques to keep more of your assets in your family or with other loved ones.

What Makes it Easy?

  • Our documents are in plain English, whenever possible and explained in plain English;
  • We simplify complex issues and goals;
  • We have a system to complete and update your estate plan.

A Proven System

  • It is designed to preserve your wealth for your loved ones and not be given to divorcing spouses of your children or other predators or creditors;
  • It involves all your other professionals so that your plan accomplishes what you want it to and when you want it to be accomplished. This includes financial planners, CPA's, insurance professionals or others that assist you;
  • It is designed to help protect your loved one from some of life's challenges;
  • It is designed to help protect your money and other property from unnecessary court costs, attorney fees and taxes.